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Marko Rodin’s vortex math( http://markorodin.com/)is showing zero as the contractive vortex. Our direct experience of the zero / O dynamic is as the omnipotent universal controlling force of gravity . Marko Rodin and Nassim Haramein have confirmed that contractive vortex gravity plus torsion is the dynamic which creates the spin vibration of the smallest particles of matter as well as the spin /orbit of the largest planets . All planets and all solar systems move in concentric spirals because of O vortex gravity . This earth planet is spinning on the O axis and it is orbiting in a spiral around the O vortex gravity of the sun planet . The inward spiral vortex that we see when water is pulled downward into a drain is also an example of the contractive O vortex

The Tao Te Ching has said ” one who wants to expand must first contract ” . All external expansion is preceded by an inner contraction . Physical movement is relative to the inner contraction of muscles . And the contraction of muscle is based on an inner contraction or the focusing of one’s attention .Marko has said that all creation develops from the inside to the outside , from the inward to the outward . Everything manifest before us can be traced to O and is an aftereffect of the O energetic. Black is the most inward and contractive of colors but it becomes pure expansive brightness because of O , coal when compressed by the gravity of O becomes a bright shining diamond .

Gravity and magnetism are physical forces , but these same words can also imply the personal attractive qualities of gravity and magnetism . Charisma is personal gravity and personal magnetism , consciousness is all attractive.

Conscious O

  • O is not stagnant , void , or inert
  • O is the most complete designation
  • O is internal to all other designations
  • O is the same central point located in the center of the shri yantra
  • O is the conscious energetic
  • O is where consciousness enters into the vortex math equation
  • O is sat chit ananda
  • O is the Self , 9 is the self
  • O is the paramatma , 9 is the atma
  • O is the universal consciousness , 9 is the individual consciousness
  • O is animating 9 , 9 is animating 1-8
  • O is the Context , 9 is the medium , 1-8 is the content
  • O is supersubjective , 9 is subjective , 1-8 is the object
  • O is luminous and sonorous


Conscious 124875

Marko’s vortex math is showing many resolutions of information .The 124875 sequence is on the boundary of the outer circle and is EXTERNAL to O . 124875 is a perfect doubling circuit and represents natural law , it is the natural harmony between the elements . But O is INTERNAL and represents supernatural law and supernatural harmony . The designations of 124875 (or 1-8 ) begin and end , O has no beginning and no end . 9 is situated as the medium between the natural law of 1-8 and the supernatural law of O . Situated on the boundary of the outer circle 9 is integrated with causal 1-8 . Aligned with O , 9 is conscious 9 .

Conscious 9

  • 9 is relative to O
  • 9 is already aligned with O
  • 9 is conscious and eternal because of O
  • 9 is a subsidiary manifestation of O
  • 9 and O complete the feedback loop of consciousness
  • 9 is more subtle than 1-8
  • 9 can identify externally with 1-8 or 9 can identify internally with O
  • 9 can be transparent to O , 9 can be a medium of O
  • i am 9 , you are 9 , the cat is a 9 , the mouse is a 9 , and we are all connected by O

Conscious 1-8

  • 1-8 are external to 9 , 9 is external to O
  • 1-8 are relative to 9
  • 1-8 are all represented by the closed outer circle
  • 1-8 are all designations pertaining to the limits and boundaries of the elements
  • 1-8 are all the elements which have a beginning and an end
  • 1-8 earth , fire , water , air , ether/space , mind , intelligence , ego
  • 1-8 are causal , 9 is marginal , O is causeless

Conscious 3 + 6

  • 3+6 are the special medium between 124875 and 9
  • 3+6 are the designations of fire and mind
  • 3+6 are also the nerve endings which are located on the left side and the right side of the body
  • 3+6 are the nerve endings in the hands and feet ,the nerves the eyes and ears and also the nerve endings located in the left and right of the brain


Outer circle

  • the outer circle represents everything which has a starting point and an ending point
  • the outer circle represents 8 seperated external elements which are less subtle than 9
  • the outer circle is animated by 9 and perceived by 9 and utilized by 9
  • the outer circle is the limit or the boundry or the edge of all things causal
  • the outer circle is the natural curvature of all manifest form
  • the outer circle is the limit or the edge of our expanding universe and it is the concentric orbit of our solar system , it is the boundary edge of the earth , the boundary of our country , the boundary of our town , our house , our body , and even the individual cells within the body.
  • the outer circle represents the limits of the mind , limits of the memory , limits of the intellectual power , and limits of the separated ego


The outer circle is the boundary of the physical body . The body is made of earth (1) but the earth is saturated by water (2) this water is heated to a very constant temperature by fire (3)The heat within the body is regulated by air (4) The air is contained in ether / space (5) Space is within mind (6) Mind is controlled by the discrimination of intelligence (7) Intelligence is conditioned by ego identity (8) The whole combination of these external designations are animated by the individual consciousness (9) The individual consciousness is animated by the universal consciousness (O)

The Inner Diamond

Shows the significance of 9 in its alignment with O. This is the realm of grace which directly connects 9 with O. Here there is no impediment , no distortion , no maya, no separatism . This diamond is the communion of 9 and O . 9 is living in the the causal realm of 1-8 , but 9 can also look within and see the causeless realm of O. This inner conscious world is the world of faith , revelation , the Word , shastra , shabdha brahman , the Holy Name, dharma .

Conscious Vortex Math

(1-8 over9)

1-8 body

9 individual consciousness

(1-8 over 9 over 0)

1-8 body

9 individual consciousness

O universal consciousness

( 9 over O )

9 soul

O Supersoul

9 self

O Self

( 124875 equation)


124875 guitar and amp

36 nerve endings of hands and ears

9 guitar player

O life force

124875 reflects the light

36 senses the light and heat

9 sees the light

O is luminous

Gayatri Mantra

1-8 bhur bhuva svar

9 savitur

O Devasaya


1- 8 body is beautiful

9 gives consciousness/ beauty to body

O gives consciousness / beauty to the soul

Bhagavad Gita and Vortex Math

Conscious 1-8

Verse 7.4 – Earth (1) , water (2) , fire (3), air (4), ether (5), mind (6), intelligence (7) and false ego (8) -altogether these eight comprise My (O) separated material energies (1-8)

Verse 3.42 – The working senses (3/6) are superior to dull matter(1-5) ; mind (6) is higher than the senses; intelligence (7) is still higher than the mind; and the soul (9) , is even higher than the intelligence (7) .

Conscious 9

7.5 – Besides this inferior nature (1-8) , mighty-armed Arjuna , there is a superior energy of Mine, which are all living entities (9) who are struggling with material nature (1-8) and are sustaining the universe.

13.34 – son of Bharata , as the sun alone illuminates all this universe, so does the living entity (9) , within the body(1-8), illuminate the entire body (1-8) by consciousness.

13.35 – One who (9) who knowingly sees this difference between the body (1-8) and the owner (9) of the body (1-8) and can understand the process of liberation from this bondage, also attains to the supreme goal.

15.7 – The living entities (9) in this conditioned world are My (O) eternal, fragmental parts . Due to conditioned life, they (9) are struggling very hard with the six senses (3/6) , which include the mind (6) .

15.24 – One (9) whose happiness is within, who is active within, who rejoices within and is illumined within, is actually the perfect mystic. He (9) is liberated in the Supreme , and ultimately he attains the Supreme.

5.11 – The yogÄ«s (9) , abandoning attachment, act with body (1 – 8), mind (6) , intelligence (7) , and even with the senses (3/6) , only for the purpose of purification.

Conscious O

18.61 – The Supreme Lord (O) is situated in everyone’s heart (9) , and is directing the wanderings of all living entities (9) , who are seated as on a machine , made of the material energy (1-8) .

13.23 – Yet in this body (1-8) there is another, a transcendental enjoyer who is the Lord , the supreme proprietor, who exists as the overseer and permitter, and who is known as the Supersoul (O) .

13.28 – One who sees the Supersoul (O) accompanying the individual soul (9) in all bodies (1-8) and who understands that neither the soul (9) nor the Supersoul (O) is ever destroyed, actually sees.

13.29 – One who sees the Supersoul (O) in every living being and equal everywhere does not degrade himself (9) by his mind (6) . Thus he (9) approaches the transcendental destination (O) .

15.15 – I am seated in everyone’s heart (9) , and from Me (O) comes remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness.

5.29 – The sages (9) , knowing Me (O) as the ultimate purpose of all sacrifices and austerities, the Supreme Lord of all planets and demigods and the benefactor and well-wisher of all living entities (9), attain peace from the pangs of material miseries (1-8).

7.30 – Those who (9) know Me (O) as the governing principle of the material manifestation (1-8) , who know Me (O) as the one underlying all the demigods and as the one sustaining all sacrifices, can, with steadfast mind (6) , understand and know Me (O) even at the time of death.

Conscious O / Light and Sound

7.8 – Arjuna (9) ], I am (O) the taste of water (2) , the light of the sun and the moon

15.12 – The splendor of the sun, which dissipates the darkness of this whole world, comes from Me (O) . And the splendor of the moon and the splendor of fire are also from Me (O) .

The light which shines in the eye is really the light in the heart. The light which fills the heart is the light of god, which is pure and seperate from the light of intellect and sense . (Rumi)

Body of earth (1-8) dont speak of earth (1-8) , speak only of His splendor (O) (Rumi)

That Voice which is the origin of every cry and sound, that indeed is the only Voice and the rest is only an echo . (Rumi)

Shri Yantra

center point is the contractive vortex (o)

off set triangles show the internal structure of a sphere