Vortex math is a system of numbers which explains the essence of form as a sphere with a vortex. These numbers reveal a spiral line and a curved plane. The numbers in this spiral line describe the form of a vortex , the vortex describes an inward contraction with its equal expansion which is the inner form of a torus. Vortex math numbers illustrate the natural equilibrium between the contracting and the expanding elements of the external physical plane and they also illustrate the internal and subtle aspect of consciousness.

Marko Rodin’s vortex math  http://www.rexresearch.com/rodin/2-vbm.pdf   is showing zero as the contractive vortex. Magnetism is the zero / O dynamic. Contractive vortex magnetism plus torsion is the “spin the spiral and the orbit of all”. The inward spiral vortex of water pulled downward into a drain is the contractive O vortex. 

marko rodin conscious vortex math“One who wants to expand must first contract”. All external expansion is preceded by an inner contraction. Marko has said that all creation develops from the inside to the outside , from the inward to the outward . Everything which is manifest outwardly is an after effect of the inward contractive O energetic. Black coal when compressed by the contractive gravity of O becomes a diamond . 

Gravity and magnetism are physical forces , but these same words can also imply the personal attractive qualities of gravity and magnetism . Charisma is personal gravity and personal magnetism . In this way, personal conscious charisma is the all-attractive primary aspect and it  is central and internal.



  • O is not stagnant , void , or inert
  • O is the most complete designation
  • O is internal to all other designations
  • O is the conscious energetic
  • O is sat chit ananda
  • O is the paramatma, 9 is the atma
  • O is the universal consciousness, 9 is the individual consciousness
  • O is animating 9, 9 is animating 1-8
  • O is the Context, 9 is the medium, 1-8 is the content




marko rodin conscious vortex math Marko’s vortex math is showing many resolutions of information.The 124875 sequence is located on the boundary of the outer circle and is EXTERNAL to O. 124875 is a perfect doubling circuit and represents natural law, it is the natural harmony and equilibrium manifest between all of the elements. But O is INTERNAL and represents the source-conscious element. 9 is situated as the medium between the natural law of 1-8 and the supernatural law of O. Situated on the boundary of the outer circle, 9 is integrated with the causal realm of 1-8 . Aligned with O , 9 is conscious 9 .         




  • 9 is relative to O
  • 9 is already aligned with O
  • 9 is conscious and eternal because of O
  • 9 is a subsidiary manifestation of  O
  • 9 ” is the number of  spirit ”  ( Marko Rodin)
  • 9 is more subtle than 1-8
  • 9 is situated between the limited experience of 1-8 and the unlimited experience of O
  • 9 can be transparent to O, can be a medium of O



marko rodin conscious vortex math


  • 1-8 are relative to 9
  • 1-8 are external to 9 , 9 is external to O
  • 1-8 are all represented by the closed outer circle
  • 1-8 are all designations pertaining to the limits and boundaries of the elements
  • 1-8 are the elements, earth, fire, water, air, ether/space, mind, intelligence, ego
  • 1-8 are always in the process of integration and disintegration, condensation and dissipation, birth and death
  • 1-8 are causal, 9 is marginal, O is causeless



marko rodin conscious vortex math

……. 3 + 6 …….

  • 3+6 are the designations of fire and mind
  • 3+6 are also the nerve endings which are located on the left side and the right side of the body, in the feet hands ears and eyes (Link to Photo)
  • 3+6  give stereo dimension and depth of perception to 9
  • 3+6  are the medium which allows 9 , the element of spirit, to interface with the material elements
  • 3+6 also represent the personal subjective experience of  9 , with 3 as the (linear) creative choice of the individual, and 6 as the (analog) co-creative choice of the individual relative to the group, the family, the society
  • 3+6 is the conditional and the unconditional, qualitative aspect of 9



marko rodin conscious vortex math

The Outer Circle

  • the outer circle represents everything which has a starting point and an ending point
  • the outer circle represents 8 separated external elements which are less subtle than 9
  • the outer circle is animated by 9 and perceived by 9 and utilized by 9
  • the outer circle is the limit or the boundary or the edge of all things causal
  • the outer circle is the natural curvature of all manifest form
  • the outer circle is the angular momentum of all spin vibration
  • the outer circle is the edge or the limit of all the gross and subtle elements.
  • the outer circle is the shadow line.

marko rodin conscious vortex math The outer circle also represents the boundary of the physical body . The body is made of earth (1) but the earth is saturated by water (2). This water is heated to a very constant temperature by fire (3). The heat within the body is regulated by air (4). The air is contained in ether / space (5). Space is within mind (6). Mind is controlled by the discrimination of intelligence (7) .
Intelligence is conditioned by ego identity (8). The external elements are animated by the individual consciousness (9). The individual consciousness is animated by the universal consciousness (O).



marko rodin conscious vortex math9 In Line

This shows the significance of 9 in its alignment with O. Here there is no impediment, no distortion, no maya, no separatism. 9 is living in the causal realm of 1-8 , but 9 can also look within and see the causeless realm of O. This inner conscious world is the world of faith, revelation, the Word, shastra,  shabda brahman, the Holy Name, dharma .





Bhagavad Gita and Vortex Math


1-8 defined

Earth (1) , water (2) , fire (3), air (4), ether (5), mind (6), intelligence (7) and false ego (8) – all together these eight comprise My (O) separated material energies (1-8).

9 defined

Besides this inferior nature (1-8) there  is a superior energy of Mine , which are all the living entities (9) who are struggling with material nature (1-8) and are sustaining the universe.

O defined

Of all that is material (1-8) and all that is spiritual (9) in this world , know for certain that I am (O) both its origin and dissolution.

3/6 defined

The working senses (3/6) are superior to dull matter (124875) ; mind (6) is higher than the senses; intelligence (7) is still higher than the mind ; and the soul (9) , is even higher than the intelligence.

Conscious 9

As the sun alone illuminates all this universe , so does the living entity (9) , within the body (1-8), illuminate the entire body (1-8) by consciousness. One who (9) knowingly sees this difference between the body (1-8) and the owner (9) of the body (1-8) can understand the process of liberation from this bondage. The living entities (9) in this conditioned world (1-8) are My (O) eternal, fragmental parts. One (9) whose happiness is within (O), who is active within (O), who rejoices within (O) and is illumined within (O), is actually the perfect mystic (9).  The yogīs (9) , abandoning attachment, act with body (1-8), mind (6) , intelligence (7) , and even with the senses (3/6) , only for the purpose of purification.

Conscious O

The Supreme Soul (O) is situated in everyone’s heart (9) , and is directing the wanderings of all living entities (9) , who are seated as on a machine , made of the material energy (1-8).  One (9) who sees the Supersoul (O) accompanying the individual soul (9) in all bodies (1-8) and who understands that neither the soul (9) nor the Supersoul (O) is ever destroyed, actually sees. One (9) who sees the Supersoul (O) in every living being (9) and equal everywhere does not degrade himself (9) by his mind (6) . Thus he (9) approaches the transcendental destination. I am seated in everyone’s heart (9) , and from Me (O) comes remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness.



Conscious Vortex Math


The integration of four number groups in the format of the fraction.

1 – 8  and  124875 is the external expression

3+6 is intermediary

9 is our limited conscious life 

O is Source Consciousness


  •   1 – 8     ……. body
  •     9        ……. individual consciousness
  •   1 – 8     …… body
  • ..  9        …… individual consciousness
  •     O       …… Universal Consciousness
  •    1 – 8      ……. body is alive , awake , aware
  •      9         …….. gives life , consciousness to the body
  •      O        …….. gives life , consciousness to the individual consciousness


124875 equations

  •   124875      ……  gross and subtle material elements
  • ..   3/6         …….. nerves , senses , relays information
  •    9           ……… individual soul
  •       O          ……… Universal Soul
  •   124875     …… the content , always in flux , matter
  • ..  3/6       ……… the content , always in flux , matter
  •        9        ……… the medium , is changeless , relative spirit
  •        O       ……… the context , is changeless , absolute spirit
  •   124875       …….. reflects the light
  •   3/6          ……… senses the light and heat
  •        9            ……… sees the light
  •        O           ……… is luminous
  •   124875      ……. musical instrument
  • ..  3/6          …….. nerve endings of hands and ears etc.
  •   9            ……… musician
  •      O           ……… life force


Gayatri Mantra

  •   1 – 8     …… Bhur , Bhuva , Svar 
  • ..  9        …… savitur   (soul)
  •     O       …… Devasya  (universal soul)
  •   9       ……. atma   (soul)
  •   O      ……. Paramatma  (universal soul)
  •   9      ……. all sentient beings
  •   O     ……. One absolute person



Srimad Bhagavatam , Canto 11 , The Elements

All subtle material elements are actually present within their gross effects ; similarly all gross elements are present within their subtle causes, since material creation takes place by progressive manifestation of elements from subtle to gross. Thus we can find all material elements within any single element.

Because all material elements are present everywhere, it is reasonable that different persons (9) have analyzed them in different ways. All such philosophers (9) spoke under the shelter of My mystic potency (O) and thus they could say anything without contradicting the truth. Therefore, no matter which of these thinkers (9) is speaking , and regardless of whether in their calculations they include material elements within their previous subtle causes or else within their subsequent manifest products, I accept their conclusions as authoritative, because a logical explanation can always be given for each of the different theories.

Because subtle and gross elements mutually enter into one another, philosophers (9) may calculate the number of basic material elements in different ways, according to their personal desire.

I (O) have described the nine basic elements as the soul (9) , nature, nature’s primeval manifestation of mahat-tattva, false ego, ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

According to some philosophers (9) there are seven elements namely earth, water, fire, air, and ether, along with the conscious spirit soul (9) , and the Supreme Soul (O) , who is the basis of both the material elements (1-8) and the ordinary spirit soul (9). According to this theory, the body, senses, life air , and all material phenomena are produced from these seven elements.

Other philosophers (9) state that there are six elements – the five physical elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) and the sixth element, the Supreme Soul. That Supreme Soul (O), endowed with the elements He has brought forth from Himself, creates this universe (1-8) and then personally enters within it.

Some philosophers (9) propose the existence of four basic elements , of which three – fire, water, and earth – emanate from the fourth, the Self (O) . Once existing, these elements produce the cosmic manifestation , in which all material creation takes place. Counting eleven, there are the soul (9) , the gross elements and the senses. Eight gross and subtle elements (1-8) plus the Supreme Soul (O) would make nine. If we think in terms of five physical elements, five senses, the mind, the individual soul (9) , and the Supreme Soul (O) , there are thirteen elements. Some calculate the existence of seventeen basic elements, namely five gross elements, the five objects of perception, the five sensory organs, the mind, and the soul is the seventeenth element.



Rumi Quotes

The light which shines in the eye (1-8) is really the light of the heart (9) . The light which fills the heart (9) is really the light of God (O) , which is pure and separate from the light of intellect (7) and sense (3/6)  (Rumi)

Body of earth (1-8) don’t speak of earth (1-8) ,  the Lord has given  you (9)  this consciousness , why speak of anything else ?  (Rumi)

That Voice (O) which is the source of every cry and sound , that indeed is the only Voice and the rest is only an echo (1-8)   (Rumi)




3 D illustrations of integrated 124875 / 339669

Vortex math numbers are vectors and they express a complete 3D vector equilibrium . This equilibrium describes the dimension and the proportion of the point, the line, the plane, and the solid, which are all curving around O. Numbers are recursive. Numbers curve in an outward spiral which makes a sphere and they curve in an inward spiral which makes a vortex. The expansive outward manifestation is always relative to an inward concentration of the contractive force. The outer  spin of the sphere is secondary, the inward spin of the vortex is primary . Vortex math is illustrating that this dynamic is the essence of all form, everything is the sphere and the vortex .The eyeball is a sphere and the black pupil of the eye is a vortex that collects light waves. The head is a sphere and the ear is a vortex that collects sound waves .



marko rodin conscious vortex math

marko rodin conscious vortex math

marko rodin conscious vortex mathmarko rodin conscious vortex mathmarko rodin conscious vortex math